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#RayaOpenHouse - What Else Besides Lemang, Ketupat & Rendang?

Lemand and Rendang

Don't get me wrong, I do love ketupat and rendang. But after 4 straight Raya open houses in a day, I would love to whet my appetite with a bit more variety.

I like to mix things up. Whether I cook myself or hire caterers, I like to try out different dishes and to make my open house memorable.

Here are my favourite 6 dishes to include for your Raya open house.

1. Laksa Johor

Laksa Johor

Raya Buffet Package with Laksa Johor: http://bit.ly/29qiUJF

2. Mee Bandung

Mee Bandung

Raya Buffet Package with Mee Bandung: http://bit.ly/29Z2zwX

3. Kambing Bakar

Kambing Bakar

Kambing Bakar: http://bit.ly/29qsLjv

4. Soto Ayam

Soto Ayam

Raya Buffet Package with Soto Ayam: http://bit.ly/29LKA0D

5. Mandi Lamb

Mandi Lamb

Arabic Lamb and Chicken Buffet Package: http://bit.ly/29Frjy3