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Easy Guide To Host A Hari Raya Open House


Take a photo of your family in Raya costumes, holding a large signage: SELAMAT HARI RAYA. YOU ARE INVITED TO OUR OPEN HOUSE ON (date) FROM (starting time) TO (end time), address and other details to your party and send it by Whatsapp or SMS or Facebook.

Decorations & Set-Ups

Big buffet will flow smoothly if it is organized on multiple tables with enough space to avoid crowding. Set up one table for plates, cutlery and napkins next to the buffet table. Another table for a drink station with glasses and cups. Set up one more table at one corner for desserts or candy buffet with desserts bowls, plates and cutleries. Think of flow and practicality.

Items for table set-ups:

  • Table Centrepieces

  • Chafing dishes with Food Warmers

  • Serving spoons & Tongs

  • Plates

  • Side Plates

  • Cutleries

  • Glasses

  • Cups and Saucers

  • Dessert Plates, Dessert Bowls

  • Dessert Spoons & Forks

  • Napkins

  • Table cloths


The menu is standard for Hari Raya. Keep the food flowing especially during peak time which is the lunch time, keep the display simple and make it easy to replenish and have lots of varieties. Make sure the second wave of visitors is not greeted by empty chafing dishes and piles of crumpled napkins.

Main Dishes:

Nasi Impit

Ketupat nasi

Ketupat pulut

Kuah satay






Jelly / Agar Agar

Ice creams / Puddings

Kueh Raya / Raya Cookies

Assorted Cakes

Assorted Malay kueh

Assorted Fresh Fruits


Fruit Juices

Soft Drinks

Sirap Limau

Sirap Bandung

Fruit Punch

Mineral water

Coffee / Tea

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