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Join the 100,000+ who have experienced the hassle-free catering service provided by Got U Catered caterers.  
Datin Seri Omi Habibah
Pengerusi Puspanita Perbendaharaan
Family Day Dinner

"Alhamdulillah, servicenya tiptop. Walaupun kali pertama saya dengan Got U Catered, saya sangat berpuas hati dan insya Allah kalau ada rezeki mungkin ada lagi kesinambungan perkhidmatan yang diperlukan."

Jonathan Quek
Founder of & Owners Circle
Board Meeting Dinner 

"My guests, they love the entire experience because it is not only the good food itself, it is also the environment you guys created."

Datin Liza
Kenduri Doa Selamat

"Never thought holding a party could be this easy until I met Got U Catered. They organized the whole event from putting up the menu, to setting up the food and tables with such ease.

Even a last minute request was handled beautifully. Glad that I chose Got U Catered and would highly recommend them if you want a stress free event with top notch service. All the best to the team."

Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC)
Corporate Lunch & Tea Breaks

"Congratulations to Got U Catered. Well organised."

"Well done Got U Catered for taking the extra effort to make it special."

Roy Armishaw
Wife's Birthday Party

"The event itself has been great. It's been really nice to come to a party and not have to worry about the catering. You guys have taken it all on yourselves. I've been up to focusing on the guests, have some drinks and relaxed. My wife and I really appreciate it."

Mohd Husni
Kenduri Kesyukuran

"I am very happy with everything. I received lots of compliments from my guests."

Mazuin Husin
Son's Birthday Party

"It's like having my own personal event planner without paying more. How great is that."

Nina Chung
Birthday Party

"Service was good and Got U Catered was very easy to work with. We understand each other. "

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